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  • 网站名称:HelloFresh
  • 网站地址:http://www.hellofresh.com
  • 支付方式:支持visa、 mastercard、 american express、paypal
  • 网站简介:我们的使命是将健康饮食方便引入更现代,膳食计划与购物相关的方法。
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    We thought we would try Hello Fresh for the convenience of having our food delivered. Our first meal was their version of moussaka - a vegi version, no meat. That was ok but it was not as good as traditional moussaka. Next morning we were both in pain with stomach cramps and needing the toilet every couple of hours. Four days on and we are still not better. I'll never trust a meal delivery company again. I wonder what hygiene is like in their packing area.
    My very first box had one completely wrong meal and the other meal was missing the meat! I tried contacting customer experience and it was very frustrating experience. They wouldn't refund my money and would only give me a credit for 5 weeks when my intro period was over. The agent was sarcastic and not at all helpful. I have canceled Hello Fresh and hope to find a better meal service that actually sends the meals and ingredients ordered. A total rip off!
    I have had 17 boxes delivered to a family member attending law school, very few problems, on time. Suddenly week 18 and 19 the payment not going through. I called three times, verified with bank funds available, at Hello Fresh's insistence. Hello Fresh flips me off saying it's on my end. Asked for a supervisor to correct situation, supervisor refuses to speak with me. Customer Service reps have no information to give out and no one able to resolve issue. Very dissatisfied with company at this point.
    My first box still has not arrived. It's days late, no courier update. But a credit towards my next box was offered. Think not! Had to fight for a refund that will take 5 to 10 business days. Amazing they take our $$ immediately, but to return takes week. Save yourself hassle. Go to the grocery store! What a disappointment & aggravating first & last experience! You can see my empty plate picture! No box, no food, no $$
    My very first box doesn't show up after waiting 2 weeks and receiving numerous emails that it is coming. Website says delivered so I contact support. It was never sent and the support person does not know why. This is not how you do business with a new customer. Even after canceling it still says here is what was in your last box. What a joke, I'll try somewhere else.
    Ordered first 3 meals and found a large dirty piece of plastic sealed inside the broccoli bag. Gave us an $8 refund. Poor customer service.
    Food is good. Price is great when you start up. Just paid $64 for 2 meals. Nothing special, pictures attached. I could have gotten at local grocer way cheaper. Tried to cancel. Followed instructions. The link to cancel never comes up. They ask you use an actual computer. I did. Still no button to cancel.
    I received my first order very poor products and seriously under sized portion. I want cancel my account and I'm being stopped at ever attempt. It's a trap you can come in but never leave!
    I have been getting Helli Fresh deliveries for about a year now, the last few months even before the corona virus pandemic, they were not hitting the mark, missing ingredients, missing meals now I have been waiting almost a week for a deli ever that was supposed to be here on Wednesday. I then track my delivery to see where it is and FEd EX says the shipped it back to the shipper. NO Communication whatsoever! I will NEVER use this service again!
    Today I was excited to cook the beef and cheese tostada that I ordered from hello fresh. After checking all the ingredients I can't find the cilantro and southwest spice. I was so disappointed. I made a salsa without cilantro and taste awful. I've been their customer for a year now and this is not the first that they forgot to ship all the ingredients for a particular menu. Its really frustrating.
    First shipment has rotten produce, second box just never showed up. They refunded the money for the second box but really didn't care that the meals I was expecting to use all week just never showed up. Box was said to be "returned for inspection" to fedex. That's just a little weird, in my opinion. So, out of the two weeks I ordered, one box had rotten potatoes, and the second box just never showed up. Don't bother with this company.
    Poor onbaording process, made to add payment method and charged before choosing boxes. Then not charged correct amount joining as a new customer. Customer service not interested in rectifying the issue. Unsubscribed immediately.
    Never had such an awful experience after cancelling my account they continued to send me packages so I went as far as cancelling / putting a hold on my card! All of the sudden they show up at my door after being out of town for vacation to rotted food that they charged me for! I called again to tell them to stop and they said I had never cancelled it... It's a nightmare dealing with them! I am a single mom who works 60 hours a week this was suppose to make my life easier I assure you that isn't the case.
    Part of Hello Fresh service is to provide recipe cards with ingredients. The recipe cards are essential in cooking the meals. However, Hello Fresh have continuously failed to provide all recipe cards with ingredients. When they were contacted to send the missing recipe cards separately they refused to do so. Extremely poor customer services. Had to cancel subscription and will join another company who provide a proper service and customer service.
    It comes all boxed up w/ recipes and usually the correct amount of ingredients. It's advertised as fast and easy but it's not always; problems w/ missing ingredients. Furthermore even if they perfected this I still have such a disdain for the product I'd never recommend it in any way. It requires the "chef" to dirty a bunch of cups, pots, cutting bored. Which is a burden latter naturally. If you would like to dirty a bunch of kitchen utensils on recipes that are fluffed up go for it. It has led me to nearly having a full blown aneurysm w/ the tedium of it all.
    I honestly enjoyed HelloFresh since it saved me a trip to the grocery store. Randomly we would receive the wrong meals all together or we would be missing items. Wasn't honestly that big of a deal. Well recently I started noticing random separate charges to my bank account from hello fresh on top of what my box should cost. It ranged from 9-24 dollars. I couldn't figure it out and the website is nearly impossible to navigate when it comes to customer complaints. I would not recommend.
    Previously had good experience with HelloFresh in past. Purchased a $60 gift card for parents as a Christmas present. Ordered 3 individual meals and had to pay an extra $9.99 for shipping which was fine. Helped parents with order to their picking which was vegetarian options. Was charged an extra $35. Called customer service and apparently vegetarian is an upgraded "gourmet" option. Spent total of $105 for three dinners for two, won't ever do business with them again
    Always great food! I like how they separate the food into individual paper bags which makes cooking and figuring out portions a breeze. I also like the big card they use for each meal. My 10 year old and 14 year old's both can make a dinner from start to finish without help (although I do stay in the kitchen while the stove/oven is on;-).
    My husband and I enjoyed Hello Fresh our first few meals. After this, my husband asked me to cancel our food delivery. I found it totally difficult to figure out how to do this. Another batch of food arrived, although I thought I had said to stop delivery, my bank account was charged, etc. I have requested at least 4-5 times for Hello Food to stop this charge on my bank account and delivery. Is this some SCAM? Anyone else have similar experiences? I will NEVER suggest Hello Fresh to anyone.
    I'm done with these guys. They sent my meal box to an address 70 miles away. Nobody in their customer service could figure anything out... I had to call the delivery service myself. When I finally talked to someone who wasn't clueless, he told me he could refund the box (no additional credit for the trouble) and it would take 10 days to get my money. What a clown circus.
    Hello Fresh?. More like Hell No!. Worst food delivery company. No wonder it ddidn't even make the top 5. This was over priced food and all I got for it was about a week curled up in a fetal position, sick to my stomach and needing to throw up as well as other, even more disgusting things. This company has a repitation of over charging your credit card, charging for 3 people instead of 2... little "mistakes" lime that... not to be trusted, not one bit so check your credit/bank statements. Quick.
    It started off great - fresh, easy to cook food sent to your doorstep. What's not to love? Apparently, a lot can go wrong. A few weeks in I receive a box with improperly sealed meat and vinegars, with juices soaking through multiple meals. Ew. They gave me $35 in credit for the trouble. It sounds ok but remember this for later. The very next week, I find a delivery slip saying I was missed. I work from home all day and no one rang. When I contacted customer service they first said I didn't have my callbox information but when I questioned how delivery were able to ring me on previous weeks they said "Yes, I see." but wouldn't do anything to help. They wanted me to go on my own time, 50-min and 50-min back to get the box from the Purolator office. Unbelievable. I know Purolator sucks but you chose them as your carrier - take responsibility. Now remember the $35 credit? I can't use it until I use up all of my discounted boxes first. So I'm really out ~2 boxes at the end of the day. "Smart" business plan but angry and insulted customers!
    I'm giving hello fresh one star as that's the least i can give, but some of the customer services people are ok. I am so fed up with hello fresh, they started off well but have just gone so down in regards of quality & service. Yet again I am throwing ingredients away due to very limited shelf life. Meat products tend to have to be used on the day of delivery. Such items would have to be discounted or remove from supermarket shelves but hello fresh seem to think this is ok. I've have received very poor quality vegetables as well which have gone off very quickly. Also issues with delivery. Changed my delivery day on the day it was due to be delivered without any reason given. Also hello fresh has now removed the individual food bags they previously used and all dry & vegetables are just thrown in the box. I would seriously advise against hello fresh, £10 for two meals for which out of date or same use by date for meat & poor quality, they have a bit of a cheek to call themselves hello fresh when this seems to be very far from the facts. I can get two can dine in from M&S for £10 with quality fresh ingredients.
    I have only been using Hello Fresh for 3 weeks and have only been able to use them once. First week package was delivered so late the food was rancid, second week package showed up on time and recipes were just "meh". Week 3 package isn't delivered at all. Had to fight tooth and nail with customer service for refunds for the 2 boxes that were late/ didn't show up. So disappointed with this company and service - AVOID!
    We received two $60 gift cards as Christmas gifts. The cards had instructions to redeem them we had to make an account at the HelloFresh.com site. I did that and had to pick a subscription plan and enter my credit card information to do so. Then I was informed that since I selected a plan I could no longer use the cards $120 value of the gift cards. I cancelled the plan. Today I tried to go back into the account and add the cards as payment by redeeming them and the site says they are expired though the cards have no expiration listed.
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